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Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Browse Worlds Away for Wholesale Tables and so Much More

Worlds Away has the best selection of Wholesale Tables For Sale online. We craft beautiful furnishings designed in the Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency styles. These are the kind of tables that make hotel suites, restaurants, bars, bedrooms and dining rooms just exquisite. They are chic and classic, trendy and traditional. They’re the kind of furnishings that you need in your inventory or for your next design assignment. At Worlds Away, we have every kind of table that you’re looking for, including console tables, side, coffee, and occasional tables, desks, and so much more. Our collection is made from the finest materials, from stainless steel to brass to iron, resin, glass, and marble.



These are the tables that are found in the most refined residences and businesses.


If you’ve got discriminating clients who only want the finest, then Worlds Away is for you because we only design the finest furniture and we’ve been doing so for over 25 years. You see, we’ve been doing this for a while and we know how difficult and demanding interior design can be. When you’ve got lots of jobs lined up and each client is demanding your attention, you don’t want to spend time looking for the perfect furniture. What you want is a resource, a place online where everything you need for every assignment is there for you to choose from.


When you need wholesale tables for sale for dorms and studios, lofts, condos, apartments, and houses, you don’t want to search. With Worlds Away, you won’t have to. We make everything convenient because we have everything. Besides wholesale tables for sale, we have a wide selection of cabinets, dressers, chests, buffets, media centers, lighting, including floor and table lamps, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, and lampshades, seating including bar stools, benches and lounges, decorative objects, wall art, small items like trays and containers, hardware, and so much more. It doesn’t matter the size or type of the furniture or the design assignment, we can help you find the furniture that will thrill your clients.


So if you still sometimes search in furniture stores, then you should stop. You really can’t find the kind of wholesale tables for sale, or the other furniture and decorative objects that your clients want there. So why do it? You should start shopping at Worlds Away. What you need to know is that we’re not like the furniture stores or those other furniture wholesalers out there. We’re different and we’re better and we can help you streamline your design planning and shopping experience. More importantly, when you shop with Worlds Away, it gives you more time to work on the design and that’s the most important thing. You see, we’re the best furniture wholesaler around. That’s why you’ll find our furniture and designs in some of the most upscale bars, restaurants, hotels, and the finest homes. So come visit Worlds-Away.com to find the most exquisite selection of upscale furnishings online.

Breathe Life into Your Design with Wholesale Wooden Chairs

With organic veggies, hormone-free beef, and non-GMO products lining the shelves, it’s impossible to ignore the public’s desire for a more natural world. Whether it’s a nutritional consciousness or an aesthetic lifestyle, the natural trend has swept its way across the modern era and taken us all by force. It’s no surprise then that wooden furniture is becoming the star of homes everywhere. Wood invokes a notion of stable craftsmanship, durability, and renewability all at once while fitting in well with both minimalist and extravagant interior styles. It is flexible, reliable, and sought after by most clients, and now, thanks to Worlds Away, it’s easy to find stunningly designed Wholesale Wooden Chairs to fill your showroom floor as well!
From dining room chairs to armchairs and everything between, Worlds Away’s collection knows no bounds. Their exclusive designs are handcrafted by true masters, brought to life across the globe and delivered to you in beautiful cerused oakwood and bamboo form. Explore a full range of designs, from deep-set barrel back chairs with intricate backrest detailing to elegant cushioned wooden chairs with plush velvet inlays. Each unique design is sure to charm and enchant your clients with its superior quality and beauty.
Worlds Away offers the perfect design to build the mood of any showroom. Set a tone of refinement with the SCARSDALE COB model square back dining chair. This elegant white cerused oak dining chair is accented with a stunning black velvet inlay in the backrest as well as a matching plush velvet seat for maximum comfort. The beautiful contrast of the monochrome palate in this chair’s design can be taken a step further with a classic, elegant black and white dining room set, or it can be used to provide a neutral ground in a set with bold accent colors.
Perhaps you’re looking for wholesale wooden chairs to be such an accent piece. In that case, Worlds Away’s vibrant lacquer chairs are perfectly built for the task. You’ll find plenty of stunning models like the energetic CAMPBELL LGR, a beautiful lime green barrel back chair with organic curved slat designs that catch the eye and make for the perfect room accent. A thick white linen cushion keeps the chair comfortable and adds a neutral balance to the bold pop of color, helping to tie this unique piece into any room design. Place this chair in a reading nook, to the side of an airy living room, or at the head of the table in a vibrant and colorful dining room set and tie it all together with lively plants and other natural elements to complete the look!
Of course, it does no good to have a set of wholesale wooden chairs and no table to seat them at. Be sure you don’t miss out on Worlds Away’s other amazing home furniture pieces, including elegant dining room tables that will perfectly complement the chairs discussed here, as well as any other beauties you have on hand. There’s a whole world of furniture waiting for you at Worlds Away!

Worlds Away is Your Online Resource for Unique Console Tables for Sale and so Much More

Do you want something different? Do you want fine furnishings that will make hotel suites, bedrooms and entertaining spaces simply exquisite? Then you need the design expertise that is only available at Worlds Away. Designers and retailers can find Unique Console Tables For Sale and the furniture that they need on our website.
With furniture and department stores, the selection is often somewhat lacking. The same is true with most furniture wholesalers. Worlds Away is different and we are better. We’re the go-to for busy designers and we can be yours. How? Well, it’s simple. Just head on over to Worlds-Away.com.
What we have in our inventory is an exquisite array of Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency furnishings. You should know that these are the chicest and in-demand styles now. These kinds of designs can be found in the finest homes, hotels, bars, and restaurants. We can tell you that at Worlds Away, we have the very best selection of wholesale furniture online or anywhere.
Your work as a designer can’t be completed without understanding. When you’re creative, especially when you do creative work in interior design, ideas can be gossamer. If you work at a design firm, sometimes it may seem that there isn’t anyone who is in your corner. You might be looking for more. What you need in those instances is a company that gets what you do and how hard you work. That company is Worlds Away.
The designs at Worlds Away are made so that you can complete any design assignment, whether that’s for a home or residence. You see, we understand that levels of stress can rise when you have many different clients demanding the very best and who want to stay within their budget. We know that most clients don’t understand what it means to design, they don’t know the work it takes, and they don’t care about the hours spent in the search for premium furniture and art. We do.
When it comes to any design, no matter the client, you’re going to need to find some unique console tables for sale. These are the kind of tables that can be used in bedrooms, entryways, and entertaining spaces. At Worlds Away, we have a wide variety of console and side tables that are made from premium materials. This is the console table collection that you’ve been searching for in furniture and department stores but haven’t found. So stop searching, browsing and being disappointed. Instead, just come to Worlds Away and find what you need in our incredible selection.
The fact is, there isn’t a furniture wholesaler or retailer that can do what we do. So why would you shop anywhere else? When you shop at Worlds Away you will the unique console tables for sale that you’ve been looking for. More importantly, we’ll help you with every design, so don’t wait, come check out our website now.

Worlds Away Is Where Designers Go to Buy Furniture Wholesale

Worlds Away should be your go-to online resource when you want to Buy Furniture Wholesale.


We have everything you can imagine and everything you need to furnish your client’s home or business in style.


So why would you look for furniture and household essentials anywhere else?


You see, after 22 years in the interior design business, we understand this industry and we recognize just how competitive it can be. That’s the reason we work so hard to design precisely the kind of furniture that will keep you ahead of the design game. You see, at Worlds Away we know the trends, but we also value the classics, so we like to provide designers with an eclectic blend of both.

If you’re interested in knowing what sort of items we have in stock or want to buy furniture wholesale, then come visit us at Worlds-Away.com.


There you will find just what you need for your latest design job including cabinets, chests, dressers and buffets, trays and containers, decorative objects, seating, lighting, studio and dorm furniture, dining, console, occasional tables, wall art, and so much more.


Whether you’re working on a large scale project involving a series of rooms in a hotel or restaurant, or you’re working on something a bit smaller such as a room remodel, it’s imperative that you source the perfect furniture and accessories for the job, and we can definitely help you with that.


The fact is, we are here to assist you with any and every interior design project, no matter the size and no matter how demanding the client. If there’s a specific idea that they have in mind and you’re uncertain how to get it done, just contact Worlds Away. We can take care of it even if that means building it ourselves. We’ll take that idea from concept to completion.


Throughout the process, our custom design team will work with you and your customers to create the design that will impress and satisfy them. Which means a thoroughly satisfied client, which means that they’ll keep them coming back for more. From lighting to metal furniture, the experts at Worlds Away can construct the designs that your client really wants but they just weren’t sure were possible. That’s what Worlds Away does. We do any and everything it takes to get the design job done well and perfectly.


We have the finest selection of furnishings for every type of job and we know that you’ve got to be eager to know more about us and what we can do for you. Well, it’s so simple to start working with Worlds Away. When you want to buy furniture wholesale, you can visit us in our showroom, come to our website, or you can contact us at 901-529-0844. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn your interior design ideas and to discover just what it is you're looking for and how we can work together to see exactly how we can get it done, so don’t wait, contact us today.

Buy White Console Tables and More from Worlds Away

To create a clean, modern, and chic look in a home, many designers choose to use white furnishings in their interior designs. Whether those selections include sofas, side tables, cabinets, chests, dressers, or lounges, white furniture adds a spare and understated kind of luxury to a space. That’s why when you’re looking to create a sleek, seductive design in the home, you should buy white console table from Worlds Away.
The fact is, we have an incredible selection of Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency designs that you can’t find anywhere else. These are the designs that are featured in the most upscale hotel suites, and in trendy restaurants and bars. More importantly, they’re the kind of designs that your clients want in their homes and businesses. These styles are so popular because they are chic and trendy, yet timeless. They’re the kind of designs that you are going to need for just about every assignment.
If you’ve been looking in the department stores or checking the selection of other furniture wholesalers to buy white console table, then you won’t find what you’re looking for there. These are the kind of exquisite, stylish, and modern designs that can only be found at Worlds Away. Our sleek designs are crafted from premium materials including stainless steel, iron, brass, marble, glass, and resin. Many of our console tables are lacquered in white to a fine, low gloss that’s perfect for modern bedrooms, suites, lounges, lobbies, and so much more.
The inventory at Worlds Away includes tons of these designs that are perfect for when you’re ready to buy white console table. Yet we’ve got so much more to browse in our collection. If you’re searching for lighting including chandeliers, floor and table lamps, pendants, sconces, and lampshades, or cabinets, chests, dressers, and buffets, or lounges, bar stools and benches, dining tables, trays and containers, and hardware, we’ve got them, and so much more. So why would you shop anywhere else? You’re a designer, you should be thinking about and planning your designs, not searching the disappointing selection in the department stores and at those other furniture wholesalers.
You see, Worlds Away is different and we’re better. We know interior design. That's because we have been in the business for over 25 years. We know that what designers are looking for is the finest furniture and decorative objects for their demanding clients. What’s more, we know how hard your job is and that’s why we design our fine furnishings with you in mind. Our selection is perfect for every design assignment, whether your working on a business or residence. More importantly, our designs can help you create that modern look in any home. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us when you want to buy white console table and so much more. We have everything you need. That’s why you have to check out our incredible selection now.

Browse Worlds Away for the Most Stylish Wholesale Seating and so Much More

If you’re in the design business and you’re just not into the selection that is available in the furniture and department stores, then you don’t have to shop there. There’s a better resource for fine furnishings and that resource is Worlds-Away.com. We’re the best place to shop when you want to buy chairs wholesale and so much more.

We have the most popular design styles available online or anywhere. Our inventory includes the most exquisite Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency furniture. What you’ll find when you browse our website are designs that are just so stylish and perfect for when you're trying to remodel a hotel suite, restaurant, or cocktail bar. If you’re looking to buy chairs wholesale, then you need to be shopping with us because you’ll find that and more in our incredible selection.

These sleek and chic bar stools, benches and lounge chairs will create an exquisite and upscale look in dining rooms and lounges. Seductive, modern, and sleek and crafted from only the finest materials, these are the kind of furnishings that are perfect for completing the design of a restaurant, hotel suite, or bar. That’s why Worlds Away is the online store to check out when you want to buy chairs wholesale.

You need a furniture wholesaler that understands your work and knows your industry. That furniture wholesaler is Worlds Away. We know that you won’t find wholesale seating anywhere else that is like what we have available in our selection. What we do is design with the classics in mind, and our favorite look is retro chic. What’s more, we never stop working to create beautiful designs. That means you’ll find exciting furniture and decorative objects on our site every time that you browse.

When you’re working hard to furnish a restaurant or bar, or even a hotel room, you know that it’s very important that you maintain the room’s stylish theme. The space should be comfortable, yet it must be chic too. Sometimes it can be difficult to find ideas, to find the furniture or seating that can create this look.

Yet it won’t be when you shop at Worlds Away. We love design as much as we love designers. What’s more, we know the industry and we know how hard you work. We want to help you design the very best on every assignment. That’s why we have such an incredible selection of best selling furnishings. We want you to create the most beautiful interiors for your clients. So why would you shop anywhere else?

When it comes to wholesale seating, Worlds Away has the very best selection. These are the bar stools and benches that you need for every design. So don’t shop in the furniture and department stores when you want to buy chairs wholesale or when you’re looking for other fine furnishings. Those stores just don’t have what you’re looking for. What you need is at Worlds Away, so come visit our website now.

Wholesale Wooden Chairs from Worlds Away are Special

Finding and buying wholesale wooden chairs can be easy or hard. There are so many wooden chair manufacturers in America, a person could research the subject for years without making a decision on which wooden chairs to buy. Worlds Away simplifies the process by offering many traditional, contemporary, and cutting edge designs.
One Stop For Everything
Over time, the traditional wooden chair has grown into a plethora of designs and styles. Most design projects incorporate one or more styles, and finding a manufacturer who can meet specifications or designs isn’t all that tough. What’s tough is finding a quality product from a quality company that can not only meet specifications, but also exceed them. Finding a company that has the variety of styles with an eye for color, construction, and with the right prices can be almost impossible. That’s why Worlds Away offers the quality and choices discerning designers want and need to complete their design projects.
Time Tells the Story
For a quarter of a century, Worlds Away has been manufacturing the wooden chairs interior designers want for their projects. Anyone can build a wooden chair and sell it wholesale, but only Worlds Away can build a wooden chair that is second to none. Wooden chair manufacturers come and go but Worlds Away has the proven longevity in the market to back up their claims of quality and value.
Take a Seat and Take a Look
Go online to Worlds-AWay.com and you’ll find some of the most unique designs and styles for wholesale wooden chairs on the market. You’ll also find traditional designs that are perfect for simpler projects or for limited budgets. What will really catch your eye are the variety of styles and colors available in the Worlds Away studio. Four-legged furnishings in all kinds of modern, traditional, contemporary and fashion-forward designs are available as well as Ottomans to go along with the designs can be found.
Large or Small Projects Are Worlds Away’s Bread and Butter
Large scale projects can be difficult to complete if the manufacturer can’t handle the order. Worlds Away can supply any of their designs in any quantity necessary. Interior designers don’t want to come up short when it’s time to deliver the promised look, and Worlds Away is there to back them up with extremely competitive prices on wholesale wooden chairs.
Come and See For Yourself
Worlds Away shows their products at all the major trade shows and their sales staff is ready to help with any design project their customers may encounter. After all, an interior design professional is only as good as the manufacturers that supply products into their projects. Worlds Away offers only the finest in materials and workmanship and the best way to discover the truth is to see their products up close.
Offering Only the Best
Interior design is a fickle business. Projects require a discerning eye, experience with all the components, and a true vision of what can be done. Wooden chairs may be only one part of a total design puzzle, but the chairs have to be consistent with the designer’s vision. Worlds Away is one of a few manufacturers who can produce a customized design and stay in budget while holding true to a designer’s concept.

We Design Sleek Lighting, Seating and More for Homes and Businesses

When it’s time to remodel that restaurant or bar, then you should check out Worlds Away. We are the online resource for wholesale wooden chairs and other furniture that is perfect to fill the most stylish and upscale dining rooms. What’s more, we have over 1000 items in our collection, including counter stools and barstools that will complete your design.

The fact is, Worlds Away is the furniture wholesaler that you should seek out for every type of fine furnishing need. That’s because we have everything in our collection from cabinets, chests, dressers, and buffets, wholesale wooden chairs, to lighting and seating, to coffee, kitchen and dining tables, trays and containers, to wall art, decorative objects and so much more.


We’re the furniture wholesaler that can assist with every interior design assignment because we have plenty of exquisite items in our inventory. Our selection includes retro-chic Mid Century Modern and luxurious Hollywood Regency designs that are perfect for upscale homes and businesses. We feature an array of designs from channel back to barrel back lounges to swivel seating that is so comfy. There’s plenty of very modern counter stools, barstools and benches too, so there’s definitely something in our collection that will work in your client’s home or business.


What’s more, we only use the finest materials in their design and construction, like cerused oak and brass. Then we finish them in lacquer, bronze or gold and silver leaf for a subdued shimmer. Then we make everything comfy by topping them with the plushest velvet cushions in vivid prints and colors. These are designs that are perfect for dining tables in the most upscale settings. When you need to buy wholesale wooden chairs for hotels, restaurants, bars, or bedrooms, then come visit Worlds-Away.com. We have the perfect seating and other furniture to work in any design scheme, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. So check out our selection and add some chic, modern style to any room.


You should know that you’ll find designs from Worlds Away in some of the finest businesses around the world. There are designers and retailers that come to us for their every design need because they know that every piece of furniture that we design will be of the highest quality, and that’s why you should choose Worlds Away for your next interior design. If you’ve been searching the furniture stores and not finding what you’re looking for or trying to find what you need at other furniture wholesalers and you continue to be disappointed, then maybe you should try something different. Try something better. You see, those stores and wholesalers just don’t have what you’re looking for. Worlds Away does. More importantly, we can’t wait to help you with your next design. So do what the industry insiders do when they want exquisite furniture like wholesale wooden chairs, tables, lighting, desks, and other fine furnishings and come visit Worlds Away now.

Your Interior Design Resource for Round Gold Side Table and More

Worlds Away features a wide selection of the popular round gold side table in our furniture collection.
The reason?
These side tables are some of the most stylish. They add luster and interest, whether they are used in the bedroom, hotel room, or front room. The fact is, gold is a color that is associated with luxury and wealth, which is why one is a frequent furnishing to be found in some of the most upscale businesses around.
It doesn’t get more upscale or luxurious than our selection of round gold side tables at Worlds Away. They are crafted from an array of materials including iron and stainless steel. Then we delicately and carefully coat them in gold leaf to add a visually pleasing design. Top sellers at Worlds-Away.com include the Cory, Chico, Davis, Olivia, Powell, and Molecule.
These tables feature the seductive, subtle, and rounded lines of the Hollywood Regency style. Made popular by the celebrities of the 30s and 40s, this design was found in the homes of popular actors and directors. It’s easily identified by its rich, luxe looks and thoroughly modern shapes. It’s also referred to as the Regency Moderne and it’s a design that is currently experiencing something of a renaissance. It is a decorative accessory that you will see in upscale hotels, bars, restaurants, and just like its beginnings, it can be found in the homes of performers of the present day. That’s because it’s a style with timeless sophistication, and it’s the type of furniture that is a must addition to any home.
You should select this style when you have a client who wants to update and modernize their home or business, but they are also interested in creating or maintaining a bit of retro sensibility. A good way to do that is with the addition of a round gold side table. These tables really are the defining pieces of the Regency Modern style and some of the finest examples are only available at Worlds Away. To get an idea of the sleek and beautiful side table styles that we have in our collection, just come check out our website. If you happen to work in the Memphis, TN area, then come visit our showroom to see them up close and to experience our expert service and design know-how in person.
We can assist with anything you need even if you have something specific in mind for your interior design assignment. If that’s the case, then you should consult our representatives. We specialize in the creation of unique and eclectic metal furnishings and lighting. What’s more, we’d be glad to help you when it comes to creating the furniture that you want, designed to your exact specifications. So don’t wait, contact us at 901-529-0844 or email us at sales@Worlds-Away.com now to upgrade the interior design of our home or business.

When You Want to Buy Side Table, You Should Choose Worlds Away

If you’re in the interior design industry, then Worlds Away is where you should go to buy side table. That’s because we’ve got the kind of contemporary designs that are on trend - the sleek and seductive Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century modern styles that can be found in the most upscale bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Whether you’re looking to buy side table to place next to the bed in a hotel suite, to use beside some plush seating in a lobby or lounge, or you just need a side table for a room in a residence, you should check out the selection that we have available at Worlds-Away.com.


What we do is provide designers with the kind of luxury furnishings that help them create the most refined and beautiful rooms for their clients. We have a wide-ranging design collection, including trays and containers, decorative objects, seating, lighting, cabinets, chests, dressers, and buffets, dining, console, and occasional tables, wall art, and so much more.


We’re the place that you should look when you want to buy side table. You see, this is the kind of item that’s a necessity in every home or business, and it’s also the kind of furniture that your clients are always going to need.


More than just decorative, these tables are truly household essentials. They can be found in every home and business. They are the spot where people keep their knick-knacks, art, photos, and vases, and, of course, these tables are also the ideal place for table lamps. The perfect side table is just the kind of subtle furnishing that makes a room seem comfortable and inviting, which are some of the most important moods that you’ve got to create when you’re designing an interior. That’s because even when you have the most beautiful furnishings around, your work really isn’t complete until they are combined and arranged in such a way as to create that certain indefinable feeling of perfection. The same is true of businesses such as restaurants and bars. The designer must work to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel at home and that keeps them coming back for more.


It’s exceedingly difficult to achieve this, which is why talented designers are in such high demand. When expert designers combine their know-how with the fine furnishings that can only be found at Worlds Away, they have the confidence that their clients will be beyond satisfied with the results because they always are. That’s why they seek us out again and again, and it’s the reason that you should too. So when you’re ready to buy side table or any other fine furnishings, come check out our website, and if you’re in the Memphis area, then come visit our showroom to find the items you need that will make any and every interior design project or assignment a success. So what are you waiting for? You really should check out our selection now.

Find the Most Stylish Tables and Fine Furniture at Worlds Away

In just about every home, there is a side table of some type in probably every room. Because these tables are so common, it is important that their design should be simple, understated, and chic, but never boring. Subtlety is so important because the side table isn’t the main furnishing in a room, instead, it’s an accessory, used for the display of lamps, knick-knacks, and more. Yet no matter how simple the design, these tables have to be stylish.


Since these kinds of tables are found just about everywhere from the bedroom to the den, you know that you’re going to need them for your next interior design. So where do you go when you want to find some beautifully crafted and designed side tables?



Well, Worlds Away is the online resource where retailers and designers shop when they want to buy lamp tables and so much more for their stores or for their design assignments. Our incredible selection includes other tables such as coffee, occasional, and dining tables too. In addition, we feature larger furnishings and case goods that are perfect for the bedroom and entertaining spaces like cabinets, chests, buffets, or dressers.


These chic and sleek side tables are going to need to be placed beside lounges, chairs, and sofas, and you should know that you’ll find the very best seating around at Worlds Away. While you’re browsing, you should check out our bar and counter stools, and our benches for the bedroom too. They’re perfect for hotel, restaurant or bar redesigns and so much more.


Now, if you’re working in a smaller space, such as a studio or even a dorm, or if you are working on a design in a large open floor plan like a loft, you should know that we’ve got the decor for every kind of space. That includes lighting too. So you should visit our site when you want every type of lighting, including table and floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, shades, or pendant lights.


When you’ve found the larger furnishings and lighting that you’ve been looking for, then you have to work on the accessories. We can assist with that too. Want to complete a space with items such as wall art, trays and containers, decorative objects, and even hardware for cabinets? Then you need Worlds Away because our incredible inventory includes many of these smaller design items that you’re going to need for your next design.


At Worlds Away, we design best selling furniture and we have been doing so for the last 20 years. You see, we’re just very passionate about design and that’s why you won’t find the kind of premium designs that are available on our website anywhere else. So why would you shop anywhere else?


You should know that our furniture is a must in homes with a contemporary, traditional, or rustic design theme. Our collection includes the very best in Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Industrial Contemporary designs. These are the design styles that are most popular, and they’re the design styles that your clients will be requesting. So why not shop at Worlds-Away.com where you’ll find hundreds of fine furnishings of this type?


The fact is, you won’t find premium designs such as these in furniture or department stores. Instead, they’re only available online at Worlds Away. We’re the furniture wholesaler that you need when you want to buy lamp tables and so much more. So what are you waiting for? You should come and browse our website now.

The Online Interior Design Store to Buy White Console Tables and More

The simple, understated design of a console table is a must in just about any room. Perfect for the display of decorative objects, vases, and more, these tables look stylish when placed behind a sofa, and they make a statement in entryways and foyers.


The fact is, every home needs a console table. So if you’re a designer, then you’re going to want to have an online interior design resource to supply you with the very best selection of these tables for your clients. This is why you need to visit Worlds-Away.com.


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What you need to know about us is that we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and we are very passionate about keeping our selection simple, stylish and sophisticated. On our website, you will find modern, unfussy looks that just might complete your next interior design.


Say you need to buy white console tables for a mid-century modern inspired room update. Well, then you’ve come to the best place around.


At Worlds Away, we feature a beautiful collection of spare and sleek console tables that are crafted only from the finest materials, such as burl wood, iron, resin, and antique brass. These are simply exquisite tables that are topped in marble, wood, or glass, and they are the kind of designs that are perfect for contemporary, traditional or rustic rooms.

We carefully finish these console tables with white lacquer or gold and silver leafing to create a seductive shimmer that subtly brightens any space.


While there are some console tables in our collection that are tiered for extra storage, we don’t go too far, we make sure that we keep the design sleek. That’s because we understand that the console table is meant to work in the background. Its surfaces are a place where clients can display their knick-knacks, while the narrow architecture is meant to complement the other furnishings, art and decorative styles in a room.


As an interior designer, you know this too. That’s why Worlds Away is the place you should turn when you’re ready to buy white console tables; when you shop on our site, we know that you’ll definitely find plenty in our selection that will satisfy your demanding design ideals and your clients' needs.


Yet besides the console tables, we're here for you and your every design need. Whether you’re looking for cabinets, chests, buffets, and dressers, or side, coffee, occasional and dining tables, or dorm and studio furniture, chandeliers, lamps and shades, pendant lights, chairs, lounges, sofas, barstools, counter stools, and even those smaller items and accessories such as hardware, trays and containers, and wall art, you’ll find them and so much more at Worlds Away.


You see, no matter the type of furniture that you’re searching for, if your interest is in Mid Century, Hollywood Regency or Industrial Contemporary designs, then we are the website for you. So come visit us online now.


You’ll see that our site is simple to shop and that you’ll find everything you’re looking for. What’s more, shipping is fast, domestically and internationally. So there’s no reason to browse, search, or shop with any other furniture wholesalers. So what are you waiting for?


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The Finest Selection of Side Tables and So Much More is Available at Worlds Away

The side or occasional table serves many purposes and can be put to use in any room. Bedside, these tiny tables are perfect for displaying knick knacks, lamps, clocks and more. When placed next to that plush and comfy couch in the den, the small side table is ideal for keeping within reach your favorite snacks and beverages, the remote, magazines and more. Even when you are not using it to keep track of treasured trinkets and household necessities, a stylish side table makes a beautiful accessory that you and your guests will admire.


That is why you want and need a side table that is beautiful, functional, and subtle. So just where do you go to buy small side tables that add glamour and sophistication to your space?



It’s simple. You check out the incredible selection at Worlds Away.


Our inventory includes furniture that is crafted out of a wide range of premium materials from iron to antique brass to stainless steel. We carry everything from sleek and rounded modern glass-topped tables to functional square tables crafted from durable oak that has been lacquered for a modern and muted luster. There are pieces designed with delicate gold or silver leafing for that understated shimmer and there are dramatic black and white striped resin tables that add contrast and interest to any interior. What we are trying to say is that Worlds Away has everything you are looking for when it comes to the finest in home furnishings. No matter whether your home is decorated in a traditional or contemporary design, you can buy a small side table on our website that complements any interior design scheme.


Subtlety and sophistication, glamour and glimmer, and rustic refinement; that is what we do at Worlds Away. We are passionate about fine interiors and we want nothing more than to share that passion with you. So visit us online at Worlds-Away.com to buy small side tables or any other fine furnishings that you desire. Just browse our site and you will see that we have just about everything you could want in our inventory, whether you need cabinets, chests, dressers, buffets, small furnishings for dorms and studios, benches and bar stools, decorative objects, wall art and so much more. Don’t see just what you are looking for on our website? Don’t worry. The custom design division at Worlds Away is more than happy to create it for you. We will work tirelessly from concept to completion to design and construct the beautiful metal furnishings and lighting that you want.


Do you want to know more about Worlds Away?


Well, you should know that since 1992, Worlds Away has been intent on manufacturing the best furnishings around. Our know-how is evident in the premium design and construction of every item we create. Our design style can be best described as a distinctive mix of global design with modern classics. There just is not a furniture designer around that does subdued style quite like we do at Worlds Away. So come check out our website to buy small side tables and more, and you will understand that we strive to make shopping for home furnishing simple and convenient. No matter where you are in the world, we ship fast domestically and internationally so you get the beautiful furniture you desire for your home or business without the wait. So, the question is, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for the finest in luxury furnishings at Worlds-Away.com, today!

Find a Beautiful Collection of Dressers and Chests for Sale

When you’re looking for dressers and chests for sale, you just have to visit Worlds-Away.com.


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To start, we have the incredible selection that you need. Besides our bedroom furniture, we feature cabinets, desks, buffets, and side, dining, or coffee tables, media consoles, lighting, including table lamps, chandeliers, shades, and seating such as lounges, counter stools, bar stools and more. Our inventory includes some dorm and studio furniture, decorative objects, and wall art, too.


Whether you’re looking for dressers and chests for sale for an interior design project or to stock a furniture store, you should know that we are the wholesale furniture supplier that designers and retailers seek out again and again. That's because we have a wide selection of the interior design styles that are very popular now, including Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Industrial Contemporary. That’s why you’ve just got to check us out.


You see, if you’re a designer, most of your design assignments are going to require some dressers and chests, and if you own a furniture store, the customers in your shop will be looking for them too. That’s because, these days, this type of furniture is not just for the bedroom. Instead, savvy designers are finding a use for these furnishings in closet redesigns, as storage and display pieces in dens, entertainment spaces, restaurant lounges, dining rooms, and so much more.


So why not choose from the fine selection of dressers and chests for sale available at Worlds Away to fill your inventory or to start your design?


You should know that we craft these dressers and chests (and every piece of furniture that we make) from the finest materials, including cerused oak and hardwood. To add interest and luster, we then coat them with gold or silver leafing or lacquer them in black, white or grey. Designed with drawers, cabinets, or shelving for a variety of storage options, and finished with stainless steel, iron, antique brass, and acrylic hardware, these are the kind of furnishings that will look great in any room.


We’ve got the design know how that comes with experience. By that we mean we’ve got over twenty years of working in the fine furnishing industry. During that time, we’ve done everything from importing to design. You’ll find our best selling designs in the most luxurious and upscale homes and businesses. If you want them in your next design or in your business, we can do that. Just contact us at sales@Worlds-Away.com if you have questions about our services and designs or are ready to get started working with us on your next assignment.


We want you to know that we make everything simple, including shipping. When you shop at Worlds Away, we make sure it’s convenient and fast. What’s more, we ship domestically and internationally which means that no matter where you are in the world, you can fill your client’s home or your business with our furniture. The fact is, we have the designs that you want and we can get them to you when you need them. There really isn’t a reason to shop anywhere else.


We have the fine furnishings in our collection that will complete any interior. So that’s why you should use our dressers and chests in your client’s dining rooms and bedrooms, or in your store’s showroom. To start working with Worlds Away for your designs or to update your store’s inventory, come visit our website now.

The Best Website to Search When You Want to Buy Table Lamp Online

If you’re a busy designer, then you should come to Worlds Away when you want to buy table lamp online and more. The fact is, we have the luxury Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern, and Industrial Contemporary furnishings that you need for every interior design project, no matter how big or small, so come visit us at Worlds-Away.com.


We know just how important lighting is in the home or business, and we are aware that making the correct lighting selection can be a difficult job. When lighting is too harsh it can make a room seem cold and uncomfortable, whereas soft, comforting lighting makes a room inviting. It’s true that even the most beautiful rooms can seem drab and depressing when the lighting isn’t good. That just isn’t acceptable and it can ruin the design that you’ve worked so hard and spent so much time on.



You see, proper lighting is of the utmost importance in hotel suites, restaurants, and bars. You probably know that these kinds of business owners can be very exacting and demanding, but it’s easy to understand why they are this way. Their business depends, not just on customer service, but also on the appearance of their business. For them, it’s imperative that they create a space and a mood that makes their customers want to stay awhile and keeps them coming back for more.


So how do you help them to achieve that as a designer? Well, the answer is simple. You just have to come to Worlds Away to buy table lamp online and any other fine furnishings you may need. You see, we have the kind of incredible lighting selection that creates a pleasant ambiance in any room. These table lamps are crafted from premium materials such as ceramic, brass, metal, marble, and glass, and they come in the most beautiful and eclectic styles and shapes.


What’s more, they feature shades that are made from white linen, or gold and silver metal, or parchment paper, brass, white silk, or painted tole. These shade designs soften the light that comes from every kind of bulb, whether it’s fluorescent, halogen or an LED, to create that soft glow that soothes and comforts. No matter the design style in the residence or business that you are working on, there’s a lamp available at Worlds Away that will complement the decor and architecture whether it’s traditional or contemporary.


Moreover, we specialize in the custom design of lighting and metal furnishing, so if you don’t see what you want on our website, we can make it for you. If you’d like to know more about this service and you’re in the Memphis, TN area, come visit our showroom. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find answers on our website or by contacting us at 901-529-9844 or emailing us at sales@Worlds-Away.com. So when you’re ready to buy table lamp online, you should come check us out. We just can’t wait to help you with your interior design.

Select Worlds Away for the Very Best in Wholesale Furniture Online

Whether you’re looking for cabinets, chests, dressers, buffets, lighting, seating, dorm or studio furniture, side and console tables, trays and containers, decorative objects, wall art, and so much more, you need to seek out the fine selection of furnishings at Worlds-Away.com. We’re the resource designers turn to again and again when they’re looking for premium and high-end wholesale furniture online.


We feature furniture in an assortment of styles including the Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern, and Industrial Contemporary. You see, these are the most popular styles currently, and we definitely have the best selection around. What's more, we understand how busy you are as an interior designer. We know that when you’ve got lots of jobs lined up, you really want an expert and experienced resource that will provide you with the most unique, eclectic, and beautiful designs of the finest quality, and at reasonable prices. That resource is Worlds Away. So come to us whenever you need to buy hand crafted office furniture, dining room and bedroom sets and more.



No matter the size of the assignment that you’re working on, and no matter the type of furniture that you’re looking for, we can help provide you with the perfect furnishings that will please and satisfy your client and make your hard work that much simpler and more convenient. What’s more, we’re among the top furniture wholesalers in Memphis, TN, so if you work in the area, you should definitely check out our showroom. If not, you can buy wholesale furniture online at our website.


Of course, we know that clients can sometimes be demanding. Sometimes you decide to just check out and search around in the furniture and department stores, but you just don’t find any furniture or decorative objects that you or they like. That’s where the custom design division at Worlds Away can help. Unlike department stores and even other furniture wholesalers out there, we can create just the kind of designs that your client wants. More importantly, we will use only the finest materials to craft the lighting and metal furnishings that you need. That’s why you’ll find our work in some of the most upscale bars, restaurants, hotels, and the finest homes.


If you’ve got budget concerns to consider, don’t worry. We will work with you, even if that means making adjustments in materials, construction, and finishes to produce a high-quality design at a reasonable price that your clients will love. We’ll include you and them in the entire process, from concept to completion, to make sure everyone is totally satisfied. That’s what we do at Worlds Away and that’s why we’re the best furniture wholesaler around.


So if you need to buy wholesale furniture online, then you need to check out Worlds Away. If you have any questions about any of the services we provide, contact us at 901-529-0844 or email us at sales@Worlds-Away.com. We can’t wait to assist you with any and every interior design assignment; so visit us online today.