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Furniture and Accessories with Style, at Worlds Away

Of the wide array of furniture types available, the side table is probably the most versatile. It can be found in just about every room in the residence or business. In the bedroom, these tables provide a stylish place for table lamps and keep books and trinkets nearby. In the den or living room, they are perfect beside a plush couch or chair, and they keep snacks and remotes in easy reach. In corporate settings, the side table is a frequent accessory in upscale lobbies and entrances, and they are found bedside in luxury hotel suites.


The well-crafted side table is chic, and it is so much more than just the simple squared styles on display in most department or chain stores. It is very often a statement piece, and it is as stylish as it is functional. Moreover, a side table of this kind of premium quality must be sought out because it is not available just anywhere. You really have to look around for it so that you can get that perfect look that works with your design style. So where do you find these unique small side tables for your bedroom?



Worlds Away
Our extensive collection of furniture includes a range of styles including the Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and rustic industrial designs. These are the pieces that add refinement, subtlety, and luxury to every interior. At Worlds Away, we use only the finest materials to craft our furnishings. In our selection, you will find tables made from stainless steel, iron, and antique brass, and topped with glass or marble. We finish these unique small side tables in black, grey, or white lacquer or gold and silver leaf for that subtle luster that demands attention and gets a lot of compliments. Whether these side tables are rounded or rectangular, tiered or angled for added geometric interest, they are never anything but inviting and totally chic. More importantly, it really does not matter if the interior design scheme in your home is traditional or contemporary, eclectic or conservative, or even something in between, you will find the unique small side tables on our website that coordinate, contrast with, and complete every style.


Want to know more?
Just visit us at Worlds-Away.com to browse our collection of fine furnishings. If you do not find the unique small side tables that you are looking for, then you should consider having Worlds Away make something for you. Our custom design division will create a design to your specifications, making adjustments in construction, finishes, and materials to meet your style and budget. What’s more, we specialize in designing and manufacturing lighting and metal furniture at Worlds Away, so we can create the side table that is perfect for your interiors.


You see, finding the perfect side table can really be that simple when you stop the searching and start shopping at Worlds Away. We make sure shipping is just as convenient, too. We deliver domestically and internationally, so you can have fine furnishings from Worlds Away shipped wherever you are worldwide.


What are you waiting for?
We think you should check out our selection. We have over 1,200 items available ranging from large furnishings such as cabinets, chests, buffets, and dressers, to smaller pieces including containers, hardware, decorative objects, and so much more. Just imagine how comfortable and chic your bedroom or den can be with a side table from Worlds Away. Well, stop thinking about it and start shopping the beautiful collection of fine furnishings for the home at Worlds-Away.com.

Design Chic Interiors with Fine Furnishings and Accessories from Worlds Away

Are you looking for something different when it comes to your home’s interior design scheme? There is no reason to be intimidated at the idea because this can be done without much hassle and fuss. You see, it is really quite simple to create an eclectic look in the home by making small adjustments in the furnishings. When you update even just a few pieces in a room, you can instantly modernize the space, provided that only premium, high-quality furniture is used. A Mid-Century modern or Hollywood Regency style cabinet or dresser placed in the dining room or bedroom adds instant chic. The only thing you have to know is where do you find these kinds of stylish and beautifully crafted dressers and chests for sale?


Well, you could search for dressers and chests for sale in the chain furniture stores, but a far better, faster, and satisfying solution is to seek out the fine furnishings that are available at Worlds Away. When you shop with Worlds Away, you know that you are getting something totally unique because we design and craft every item in our selection. What’s more, we have been in the business for over 25 years, so we know the trends in interiors and we can assist when it comes to creating that upscale, globally inspired look for your home or business.



Whether you need dressers and chests for sale or are looking for decorative objects and wall art, cabinets, buffets and side tables, metal lighting, bar stools and benches, hardware and more, Worlds Away features the varied selection and premium, high-quality furniture that you are looking for. Our timeless designs make the perfect style statement in every room.


Just how do we make these classic and beautiful furnishings? Well, it starts with the fine materials we use to make every piece we design. Our preference is for oak, stainless steel, and iron. We occasionally finish our cabinets and chests with white, black or dark grey lacquer, and use antique brass hardware or acrylic ring pulls for added interest. Some of our favorite furnishings have that modish 60s feel. Crafted from durable resin, these black and white striped dressers create stunning contrasts that stand out in any room.


What we are trying to say is that Worlds Away is ever fascinated with creating totally distinctive furnishings that just can’t be found anywhere else. We make it simple to fill your home with our furniture and accessories. The kind of unique designs that will make a sophisticated statement that will keep you comfortable and impress your guests. The kind of beautiful furnishings that never go out of style, the pieces that keep your home decor looking fashionable and modern.


We are happy to keep describing just how gorgeous our furniture is, but you really need to check out our selection to understand. So why don’t you visit us online at Worlds-Away.com to search for dressers and chests for sale or to browse our collection of other high-end furnishings? At our website, you will find everything you are looking for and so much more. That is because we have over 1,200 SKUs in stock so you are certain to be satisfied with our selection. To find out more about the varied services provided by Worlds Away, including custom designs and international shipping, or to ask any questions, please contact us at 901-529-0844 or email us at sales@worlds-away.com. We can’t wait to help you create the chic and stylish look you want for your home.

Round Gold Side Table to Fit Any Room

Worlds Away furniture is a special furniture retailer with each piece exclusively handcrafted and customizable to create unique living spaces and optimal comfort. All of our pieces are made to order and created with care using top materials such as silver leafing, Rosewood, and acrylic. We are known for our hand painted or mirrored pieces. Worlds Away is trade only retailer, which means we sell our one of a kind pieces directly from the designer to you. Based in Tennessee, our furniture is designed at our home office, but manufactured around the world.



Our designs are timeless and crafted to be long lasting. Our goal is to have the same piece match your decor ten years later, no matter the trend. Using “Hollywood Regency” style, mix old and new to create a look that can be mixed and matched again and again featuring some of our hand leafed and nickel plated iron tables. We stand proud on our signature mirrored pieces.


If you are looking for pieces that wow, whether it be for an office building, home, or a bulk order to furnish hotel rooms, our selection of round gold side tables are stylish and can seamlessly fit in to decorate any type of setting. They are timeless, chic, and plated with gold leaf, and come in 33 different styles and sizes, so the options are endless.


Look for something dainty and light such as the Abigail G or Anderson G round gold side table, both which feature different styles of hex structure design made of gold to create a unique base and a glass top. These tables make the perfect touch as either decor in a hotel room, a conversation piece in an office building, or to bring some life to a funky retailer. Both the Abigail G and Anderson G come in both 48’’ and 54’’ so that you can chose the design and size that best matches your needs.


A more intense collection that truly stands out for all to see is our Powell round gold side tables, which feature a gold leaf iron base. This table also features a glass top, and can be used as a coffee table in a living room. The Powell table comes in different shapes and sizes, ranging from 30’’ to 42’’ to help create any look you are going for.


The FNPLAM is another round gold side table from Worlds Away that features an antique mirrored top with three legs that connect in the middle to create the feet of the table with a small gold circle in the center. This table is small enough to be a hidden gem in an office and is unique enough to embellish any room as an accent piece.


At Worlds Away, we are exclusive furniture retailers. Create an account with us today for all information on pricing, creating and building, and trade shows. With a wide variety of hand-crafted moderate to high end furniture, we have the statement pieces to bring some style and class to any room. Browse our website at Worlds-Away.com and reach out today!

Looking for the Finest Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers in the Business?

After over 25 years in the business, Worlds Away is among the top wholesale furniture manufacturers in the United States. That is because we stock a large collection of the finest furnishings and decorative objects in the industry. Our specialty includes sleek, modern styles such as Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century modern. These are the furnishings and accessories that add that retro chic look to the most upscale bars, luxury suites, and the finest restaurants.


Want to know where to find our furnishings? We design our unique pieces at our corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee and then outsource manufacturing, which keeps our prices reasonable. When it comes to sales, our furnishings, fabrics, wall art, and more are sold and distributed through designers.



Interested in something totally unique that just can’t be found anywhere else? We are wholesale furniture manufacturers but we can do custom orders, too, provided the order is somewhat small. We are ready to work with clients through every part of the design process, from concept to production samples, to the finished product. Even if there are budget concerns, Worlds Away can make adjustments to keep prices fairly low.


What about just an update or an addition to an existing collection of furnishings or design? Well, Worlds Away can help with that too. We have in stock over 1200 items including lighting, seating, desks, coffee and dining tables, bar stools and benches, cabinets, and so much more. We are certain to have the right furniture and accessories to create a modern, yet classic display in hotel rooms, lounges, and more. From stainless steel to brass, hammered iron, and marble, we select only the most premium materials to craft our furnishings. Then, we use gold and silver leafing, colored lacquer, and painted bronze in the detailing to create some shimmer and glamour for the most luxurious style.


Why shop Worlds Away for wholesale furnishings? We understand the complexities of the industry because we started out in importing. The collection of unique pieces we found around the world gave us a passion for global design style. We decided to use our importing know-how by moving into design and manufacturing. We were eager to explore so we created the sleek, reflective Cary dresser, which proved to be very popular. The design process intrigued us, so we just had to try more. As a result, we have created some of the most popular furnishings of the last two decades.


And we are still working. That is because we remain deeply passionate about beautiful interiors. We still have so many ideas, and we just can’t wait to create them. Whether it is eclectic decorative objects or distinctive, modern furnishings with a global twist, Worlds Away is at the forefront when it comes to premium furniture design.


Want to know more about us? Browse our selection at Worlds-Away.com, or visit us at some of the many trade shows that we attend worldwide. We are always happy and eager to provide you with the home furniture to furnish your living room, dining room, bedroom and more!