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Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Find a Beautiful Collection of Dressers and Chests for Sale

When you’re looking for dressers and chests for sale, you just have to visit Worlds-Away.com.


Here are just a few reasons why we’re the best furniture wholesaler around.


To start, we have the incredible selection that you need. Besides our bedroom furniture, we feature cabinets, desks, buffets, and side, dining, or coffee tables, media consoles, lighting, including table lamps, chandeliers, shades, and seating such as lounges, counter stools, bar stools and more. Our inventory includes some dorm and studio furniture, decorative objects, and wall art, too.


Whether you’re looking for dressers and chests for sale for an interior design project or to stock a furniture store, you should know that we are the wholesale furniture supplier that designers and retailers seek out again and again. That's because we have a wide selection of the interior design styles that are very popular now, including Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Industrial Contemporary. That’s why you’ve just got to check us out.


You see, if you’re a designer, most of your design assignments are going to require some dressers and chests, and if you own a furniture store, the customers in your shop will be looking for them too. That’s because, these days, this type of furniture is not just for the bedroom. Instead, savvy designers are finding a use for these furnishings in closet redesigns, as storage and display pieces in dens, entertainment spaces, restaurant lounges, dining rooms, and so much more.


So why not choose from the fine selection of dressers and chests for sale available at Worlds Away to fill your inventory or to start your design?


You should know that we craft these dressers and chests (and every piece of furniture that we make) from the finest materials, including cerused oak and hardwood. To add interest and luster, we then coat them with gold or silver leafing or lacquer them in black, white or grey. Designed with drawers, cabinets, or shelving for a variety of storage options, and finished with stainless steel, iron, antique brass, and acrylic hardware, these are the kind of furnishings that will look great in any room.


We’ve got the design know how that comes with experience. By that we mean we’ve got over twenty years of working in the fine furnishing industry. During that time, we’ve done everything from importing to design. You’ll find our best selling designs in the most luxurious and upscale homes and businesses. If you want them in your next design or in your business, we can do that. Just contact us at sales@Worlds-Away.com if you have questions about our services and designs or are ready to get started working with us on your next assignment.


We want you to know that we make everything simple, including shipping. When you shop at Worlds Away, we make sure it’s convenient and fast. What’s more, we ship domestically and internationally which means that no matter where you are in the world, you can fill your client’s home or your business with our furniture. The fact is, we have the designs that you want and we can get them to you when you need them. There really isn’t a reason to shop anywhere else.


We have the fine furnishings in our collection that will complete any interior. So that’s why you should use our dressers and chests in your client’s dining rooms and bedrooms, or in your store’s showroom. To start working with Worlds Away for your designs or to update your store’s inventory, come visit our website now.