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Worlds Away

Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Worlds Away is Where to Buy Console Tables Online and So Much More. We’re the Leading Furniture Wholesaler in the Business

Where do industry insiders go for the finest in furnishings for the wholesale market?


Worlds Away


Why do industry insiders seek us out time and again?
Because there isn’t a furniture wholesaler around that does better work than Worlds Away. We are committed to quality, and we specialize in crafting the most premium pieces for modern interiors. Worlds Away has an incredible selection that has furnished some of the most upscale lobbies and lounges.



Why should you shop at Worlds Away?
Because you are obsessed, just like we are. You want to create the kind of space that is inviting, that draws guests in and keeps them coming back. Maybe you are just about finished decorating and you need a few totally unique pieces that make a statement, or you are just starting out and you need some ideas. Maybe you are just looking to buy console tables online. Whatever it is you are trying to find, Worlds Away has got the globally inspired Hollywood Regency and Mid Century modern designs that you are looking for. Since 1992, we have been in the business of beautifying businesses everywhere.


Do you need some assistance with creating the kind of impressive interiors that are found in the most high-end establishments around the world, or are you looking for something custom made? We are happy to help. Worlds Away can guide you through the entire process, making adjustments in fabric and materials until you are satisfied. We can create lighting and metal furniture to bring that modern look to hotel suites, bars, and restaurants. What’s more, we ship fast and we ship worldwide.


What can you find at Worlds Away?
It might be better to ask what can’t you find at Worlds Away because we stock just about everything. Whether it is trays and containers, or cabinets, chests, and dressers, we have it and so much more. Need to buy console tables online? Then just try Worlds Away. We have a thoroughly modern and streamlined collection of classics constructed from premium materials including iron, stainless steel, glass, bronze, and more. Why not browse at Worlds-Away.com and get an idea? We’re certain that you will be impressed with our wide selection.


Why aren’t you shopping at Worlds Away?
We don’t know. You should be. If you want to furnish your business with the most beautiful upscale and sleek designs, if you want your guests to be impressed with your spacious, pleasing interiors, and if you want to create a look that brings them back again and again. If that is what you want, then Worlds Away is a must. That is because we are Worlds Away from the mundane. We are Worlds Away and we specialize in creating upscale, refined, and beautiful interiors. Just check out our website or contact us at 901-529-0844. We can’t wait to assist you in creating the most perfect spaces for your business.