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Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Worlds Away: The Best Wholesale Manufacturers of Modern Furnishings

The most popular interior design style of the 21st century seems to be the Mid Century Modern. A perusal of premium interior design showrooms and websites indicates that many shoppers are after these stylish pieces. This seems somewhat contradictory until you consider just how ahead of its time Mid Century Modern design is. The look is known for its spare, sleek and understated pieces that manage to appear both retro and futuristic at the same time. Designers at the time were using experimental materials that had not typically been used in furniture making, such as resin, glass, metal, and vinyl. Mid Century Modern design, while eclectic and sophisticated, easily blends with a variety of furnishings in both contemporary and traditional spaces.



In fact, many upscale hotels, restaurants, and bars use the Mid Century Modern design style exclusively. Mid Century Modern evokes the sophistication and elegance of the time period, and you will often find that the most popular cocktail bars and lounges, fine dining establishments, and luxury suites choose Worlds Away to provide the furnishings to decorate their interiors. The many items this online wholesale furnishings supplier stocks include decorative objects, tables, lighting, wall art, and more. The modern white side table is among the most browsed and popular pieces at the Worlds Away website. This sleek piece is most preferred by hoteliers as it creates an instant update in their luxury lobbies and most chic rooms and suites.


However, there is so much more available at Worlds Away beyond the modern white side table. Worlds Away started in the early 1990s as importers of global furnishings and quickly moved to design, then becoming involved in the wholesale side of the fine furnishings industry. As the name suggests, we truly are a global brand. Our international division takes care of shipping overseas, and since opening a European distribution center, we can now quick ship within 7-10 days throughout the region.


Worlds Away is also able to fully customize your order too, catering to your budget and design needs to create just the right look for your business. Moreover, Worlds Away also has over 1200 items in stock and ready to ship. We are the place that many in the industry rely on when it comes to last minute orders, specialty, hard-to-find items, and so much more. Most importantly, because we keep track of the trends in the industry, our selection includes tons of Mid Century Modern pieces. From cabinets, to tables, to lighting, and seating, Worlds Away has all that and more. Those looking for anything from a few items to modernize their hotel, bar, or restaurant to a complete upgrade of their entire business should check out our website.