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Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Design Chic Interiors with Fine Furnishings and Accessories from Worlds Away

Are you looking for something different when it comes to your home’s interior design scheme? There is no reason to be intimidated at the idea because this can be done without much hassle and fuss. You see, it is really quite simple to create an eclectic look in the home by making small adjustments in the furnishings. When you update even just a few pieces in a room, you can instantly modernize the space, provided that only premium, high-quality furniture is used. A Mid-Century modern or Hollywood Regency style cabinet or dresser placed in the dining room or bedroom adds instant chic. The only thing you have to know is where do you find these kinds of stylish and beautifully crafted dressers and chests for sale?


Well, you could search for dressers and chests for sale in the chain furniture stores, but a far better, faster, and satisfying solution is to seek out the fine furnishings that are available at Worlds Away. When you shop with Worlds Away, you know that you are getting something totally unique because we design and craft every item in our selection. What’s more, we have been in the business for over 25 years, so we know the trends in interiors and we can assist when it comes to creating that upscale, globally inspired look for your home or business.



Whether you need dressers and chests for sale or are looking for decorative objects and wall art, cabinets, buffets and side tables, metal lighting, bar stools and benches, hardware and more, Worlds Away features the varied selection and premium, high-quality furniture that you are looking for. Our timeless designs make the perfect style statement in every room.


Just how do we make these classic and beautiful furnishings? Well, it starts with the fine materials we use to make every piece we design. Our preference is for oak, stainless steel, and iron. We occasionally finish our cabinets and chests with white, black or dark grey lacquer, and use antique brass hardware or acrylic ring pulls for added interest. Some of our favorite furnishings have that modish 60s feel. Crafted from durable resin, these black and white striped dressers create stunning contrasts that stand out in any room.


What we are trying to say is that Worlds Away is ever fascinated with creating totally distinctive furnishings that just can’t be found anywhere else. We make it simple to fill your home with our furniture and accessories. The kind of unique designs that will make a sophisticated statement that will keep you comfortable and impress your guests. The kind of beautiful furnishings that never go out of style, the pieces that keep your home decor looking fashionable and modern.


We are happy to keep describing just how gorgeous our furniture is, but you really need to check out our selection to understand. So why don’t you visit us online at Worlds-Away.com to search for dressers and chests for sale or to browse our collection of other high-end furnishings? At our website, you will find everything you are looking for and so much more. That is because we have over 1,200 SKUs in stock so you are certain to be satisfied with our selection. To find out more about the varied services provided by Worlds Away, including custom designs and international shipping, or to ask any questions, please contact us at 901-529-0844 or email us at sales@worlds-away.com. We can’t wait to help you create the chic and stylish look you want for your home.