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Worlds Away

Creating Interiors | www.worlds-away.com | Worlds Away is a designer wholesale company to the trade.

Looking for the Finest Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers in the Business?

After over 25 years in the business, Worlds Away is among the top wholesale furniture manufacturers in the United States. That is because we stock a large collection of the finest furnishings and decorative objects in the industry. Our specialty includes sleek, modern styles such as Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century modern. These are the furnishings and accessories that add that retro chic look to the most upscale bars, luxury suites, and the finest restaurants.


Want to know where to find our furnishings? We design our unique pieces at our corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee and then outsource manufacturing, which keeps our prices reasonable. When it comes to sales, our furnishings, fabrics, wall art, and more are sold and distributed through designers.



Interested in something totally unique that just can’t be found anywhere else? We are wholesale furniture manufacturers but we can do custom orders, too, provided the order is somewhat small. We are ready to work with clients through every part of the design process, from concept to production samples, to the finished product. Even if there are budget concerns, Worlds Away can make adjustments to keep prices fairly low.


What about just an update or an addition to an existing collection of furnishings or design? Well, Worlds Away can help with that too. We have in stock over 1200 items including lighting, seating, desks, coffee and dining tables, bar stools and benches, cabinets, and so much more. We are certain to have the right furniture and accessories to create a modern, yet classic display in hotel rooms, lounges, and more. From stainless steel to brass, hammered iron, and marble, we select only the most premium materials to craft our furnishings. Then, we use gold and silver leafing, colored lacquer, and painted bronze in the detailing to create some shimmer and glamour for the most luxurious style.


Why shop Worlds Away for wholesale furnishings? We understand the complexities of the industry because we started out in importing. The collection of unique pieces we found around the world gave us a passion for global design style. We decided to use our importing know-how by moving into design and manufacturing. We were eager to explore so we created the sleek, reflective Cary dresser, which proved to be very popular. The design process intrigued us, so we just had to try more. As a result, we have created some of the most popular furnishings of the last two decades.


And we are still working. That is because we remain deeply passionate about beautiful interiors. We still have so many ideas, and we just can’t wait to create them. Whether it is eclectic decorative objects or distinctive, modern furnishings with a global twist, Worlds Away is at the forefront when it comes to premium furniture design.


Want to know more about us? Browse our selection at Worlds-Away.com, or visit us at some of the many trade shows that we attend worldwide. We are always happy and eager to provide you with the home furniture to furnish your living room, dining room, bedroom and more!